You have been blocked by our security system. If you feel this is an error, contact Kendra. (Seriously, if you hit this message and weren't expecting to, chances are, you're not supposed to.)

The reason for the block returned was: Your IP address is flagged as a bad bot.

Why did you block me?
I probably didn't. However, I do block proxies and bad bots, either one of which you were flagged as by my AI script. Or you're from a country that I've gotten a lot of trouble from.

I'm not a bad person, or a proxy or a bot?
The IP pool for IPv4 is small. This means that IP addresses of the IPv4 type ( type) are constantly being cycled in and out of ownership by different ISPs and organisations. At some point, your IP address may have been in use for a proxy server or a VPN (virtual private network). These things by themselves are not bad things, and can even be good, but malicious users often turn to them to get around bans, blocks, and anonymously cause trouble online. This means a lot of site owners do not want proxied traffic on their site. And I am one.

I shouldn't be blocked, and I'm mad I am.
I don't really know what to tell you. It's nothing personal. Contact me. I will get you around it.